GPS Blitz Weekend
GPS Life Journey is a faith-based program that takes your Personality, Experiences, Abilities, Strengths, Passions, Spiritual Gifts and Values and uses this information to develop your personal mission and vision. At the end of the 2 day intensive, you'll have identified the specific passion and goals God has placed in your life as well as an action plan to get started on this adventure.

This GPS course is part of what led the Bonnemas to move to North Carolina and purchase Echo Mountain Inn.

The course is limited to 10 people in order to maximize the time for each participant. Because we believe so much in what this course brings we don't charge for our facilitation, the costs are only to cover materials.

Total Cost is $90 for the class which includes all materials.

There is no requirement to stay with us at the Inn during the weekend, but you may find benefit being able to get "away" from it all to reflect on the things we're learning. There is a 10% discount on lodging for those in the class.

Sample Schedule: Friday we'll start after lunch and go through the following sessions:
1. Personality
2. Experiences, Abilities and Strengths
3. Passions, Spiritual Gifts and Values

Saturday will start after breakfast and will include the following sessions:
4. Direction from God
5. Personal Mission
6. Personal Vision
7. Priority Action Steps and Venues
8. Margins
September Apple Theme Painting Workshop
Join Becky and Bethany as they help participants create a unique Art piece on September 10th. In this class you will create a beautiful painting of Apples.

All materials are included.

One ticket is $40 or two for $70.

**A portion will be donated to Safelight, a nonprofit agency, located in Hendersonville, that provides support for survivors of interpersonal violence, sexual assault and child abuse

Adult drinks will be available for purchase. Bring a friend!
This is going to be fun!

**Becky Bonnema, is a homeschool mother of 5. She obtained her Bachelor's in Fine Arts degree before having her kids. She loves spending time in her studio creating art and teaching others the love of color. She uses her spare time to design & decorate as well as work on some new canvases. Come out to experience the joy of painting.

Bethany Kistemaker is a North Carolina artist that specializes in ceramics and painting. She is also a substitute art teacher for the local Henderson county school system. She enjoys working with her hands and loves to read in her free time.
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