Renovation and Reflection

Oh the people we’ve met, the friends we’ve made, and the changes we’ve seen. This year marks our 9th year as the Innkeepers here at Echo Mountain Inn. We’ve had a lot of great folks choose to stay with us and share their time here. We’ve also gotten to know our regulars well, and we enjoy seeing family and friends return. It seems like change is always in the air, as there is usually a renovation project on the go every day. Some changes are small and unseen, and some are extreme and seen by all. Our returning guests have pointed out some of the changes, but I’m sure they haven’t seen them all. So I’ll point out one of the big ones for you.

Our most extreme and highly noticeable renovation occurred this summer. The dated green carpet that covered the main floor and dining room was tired and faded. The 80’s hunter green trim that matched so well, also needed to go. When we removed the carpet, however, we had a great surprise and a slight change in plans. What did we discover under that carpet and pad? Something we were all hoping for, but weren’t sure existed. Beautiful hardwood throughout the entire ground floor! Why these floors were ever covered is beyond me, but I’m sure glad they were there. So we refinished the floors and found a paint color that makes our common areas not seem so common anymore. You can see the new photos in the photo gallery. However, to see the renovation photos, you’ll need to “like” our Facebook page and find the album called “Good Bye Green”.

Pretty much everything is new on this website, and I invite you to come and see firsthand the changes we’ve made at Echo Mountain Inn.

See you soon.

Innkeeper, Echo Mountain Inn


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