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Seeing as you are on the internet reading this post, you are at our brand new website! We are so excited about this update and the technological changes behind the scenes. There has been so much effort and time spent in creating these new pages, we hope you flow through them easily and pain free. For starters, you may not have even noticed that you are on Echo Mountain Inn’s website, not just Echo Inn anymore. In working on our “brand recognition” we have decided to lengthen our web presence to have continuity with the rest of our publications. Our website is now mobile friendly too, since a large percentage of online bookings are done with smart phones, we thought it was time our website became a helper instead of a hindrance.

History is a beautiful thing and something that is shared by all. We have only been here for a brief chunk of time in Echo Mountain Inn’s history, so I’ve taken it as a personal journey to collect some of the moments in “Echo Time”. I’ve been able to pick up old postcards from the internet, found a few photo albums, and had guests share pictures and stories. You’ll find some of that collection in the drop down window under the heading “The Inn” at the top of this page. Who knows, you might see someone from your history. Echo Mountain Inn sure has great history, so why don’t you come and add your flavor to the mix?

As we spent time compiling the photos for this new site, I was reminded of all the memories we’ve helped create over these past 8 years. Some of the most fun times we’ve had have been during our weddings and family reunions. The correspondence and initial visits by the bride and organizers were really detailed and in depth. Making schedules and timelines, choosing food, selecting rooms and dreaming were all part of the planning stages. What I really loved about these events themselves was that they flowed. Regardless of weather or circumstance, the events always turned out well. Turning dreams into reality is what we do best. I had one guest say, “Staying here was like being at Grandma’s house, except you didn’t have to fight over the TV remote and everyone got a hot shower!” So cheers to Grandma and to the next 100 years at Echo Mountain Inn.

Innkeeper, Echo Mountain Inn


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