It’s Raining Again

If April showers bring May flowers, what does unending rain for the last four months bring? Well no surprise there, lower water bills. The grounds of the Inn are lush and full of life, without much attention from our part. If anything we’ve had to spend more time trimming and pruning as a result of such rapid growth! This Spring has had near record breaking amounts of the wet stuff, which seems to have corrected the drought we had experienced in the past. Gone are the days when we had to store our rain water in wooden barrels or plant vegetables in the flower beds to call them “gardens”. These days we are more concerned with erosion and the location of our eaves troughs, than where to store the precious commodity. Seems to me, that when you have too much of a good thing, it looses its value! Try to see the silver lining in those clouds.

One thing I have noticed is the resolve of folks to simply continue on with life. A few weeks past, we were sitting on the deck of our favorite Thai restaurant, enjoying the company of friends who had come to visit from Indiana. In the distance, we could hear the sounds of Main Street Hendersonville, where the Friday night car show and entertainment were in full swing. The band was playing and excitement was in the air. However dark clouds were sharing that air, and soon made their presence known, with a loud crack and than bingo, instant monsoon. Now I’ve never been to the rain forests of Brazil or to India during monsoon season, however I’ve seen the release of nature’s fury here and have to agree with the saying that “when it rains it pours”! So we sat there under the roof covered deck enjoying our company as the revelers scurried away covered with anything they could find to keep themselves dry. In my mind, I was picturing the line of convertible corvettes that adorned main street and thought, “How many spouses were getting the ‘I told you so’ look as they raced to cover their American icons.” You see people are tenacious; you can’t keep them from doing what they enjoy, come hell or high water ……

When we first arrived here in the South, one of the most unique sayings I heard was … “Lord willn’ and the creek don’t rise.” Seemed like a harmless southern saying until you put it in context. There are certain things in life you just can’t control. One of the big ones is the weather. Around here things change when the creek rises. Roads get washed away, farmers can’t get on their land, crops get destroyed, homes get flooded, fishermen get swept away, swimmers and boaters get rescued. When the creek rises here, there are trials and triumphs. On the plus side, the waterfalls are full and dramatic; the woods are lush with fauna, and whitewater rafting moves up a class or two. So don’t let the weather steal your resolve, come see how the South triumphs in adversity and overcomes its challenges. So you have a choice, to sit and watch the world go by, or grab your umbrella and head out into the great outdoors! My umbrella has a gel grip handle, to sustain long periods of use, does yours?



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